For years shorter courses have had to live with the curse of
course ratings and rankings that all but ignore the hallmark of accuracy
when it comes to comparing them to longer, full-length courses
EPPL is a way to quantify short, alternative courses. It gives owners and managers an effective means to market executive, par-3 and shorter courses, communicating an easy to understand comparison of how the course measures to a regulation-length course.
Course ratings (by state and regional associations), and Slope Rating®, are different from an EPPL Equivalent Rating. Primary differences are how EPPL weighs shorter holes (tee shots and approaches), and how hazards and obstacles are considered in determining the equivalent comparison.
The big difference: An EPPL Official Course Equivalent is instantly understood by the golf consumer. It's not just a bunch of confusing numbers. By expressing the comparison of a shorter course in the simple language of yards and par, golfers will know how shot values compare to a full-length course.
• Provide the EPPL Equivalent on the scorecard, using the EPPL Official Seal
• Provide the EPPL Equivalent in information about the course (website, listings, etc.)
• Use the EPPL Equivalent in describing the course: "Our course plays equivalent to a 6,370 yard, par-72 layout as established by the EPPL equivalent System"
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