An EPPL equivalent is developed fast, easy and with
minimal time on the part of the golf facility being evaluated —
The results are crystal clear and ready to use
An EPPL Official Course Equivalent is initiated by a golf facility by contacting EPPL via phone or email.
Most EPPL equivalents are made using GIS, GPS and digital terrain data supplied to us by reliable mapping resources throughout the world. The golf facility does not have to secure this data to initiate an EPPL except under certain circumstances. These are usually when the facility is not covered by GIS data available under our licenses, such as military courses or courses that are too new to be in mapping archives.
Your facility will be asked to supply some simple, basic information before the evaluation can be made. Golf courses are asked to provide green speeds, rough heights and certain information that may not be contained within available GIS data. For example, seasonal and other course condition information may affect the equivalent rating are are used to calculate the final EPPL equivalent.
In some instances, a field visit by an EPPL representative may be necessary to verify physical terrain. This is not customary as most additional information is easily provided by maintenance or professional staff.
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