With EPPL (Effective Par & Playing Length) shorter courses,
executive courses, par-3s and 9-hole layouts are given a marketing tool
that makes sense Finally, an apples-to-apples comparison
EPPL (Effective Par and Playing Length) is a rating system that allows shorter courses to establish a comparison to regulation, full-length courses and overcomes the obstacles in communicating the value of shorter courses. EPPL is not a course rating (50.3, 64.2, etc.), nor is it a Slope Rating® (90, 115, etc.)
EPPL produces an "apples to apples" comparison that is easy to understand. Since golfers are familiar with yardage and par when expressed for regulation courses (6,700 yard, par-72), this is the language that EPPL uses to describe even the shortest of layouts. By considering more than 60 quantitative categories for each shot, EPPL produces a yardage equivalent based on the par-72 standard so well known to golfers.
A short 9-hole with a course rating of 57.1 and a Slope of 80 is ready for handicapping, but it does little for marketing. Using EPPL, the same 9-hole course might have an EPPL Equivalent of 6,370 Yards, Par 72, a useful tool for the golf facility. EPPL can be used in the following ways:
• Provide the EPPL Equivalent on the scorecard, using the EPPL Official Seal
• Provide the EPPL Equivalent in information about the course
• Use EPPL: "...plays equivalent to a 6,370 yard, par-72 layout as established
   by the EPPL Equivalent System"
How EPPL works
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