An EPPL Equivalent Rating gives shorter length
courses a tool that transcends traditional course ratings ...
and at a low investment cost
The cost of an EPPL Rating is based on the number of golf holes at your golf facility to be evaluated. The following outlines the one-time fee paid to EPPL for your course to be evaluated and certified as an EPPL Rated Facility:
Less Than 9 Holes:
9-18 Holes:
Up to 36 Holes:

Included in the one-time fee are the following services:
  • Pre-consultation on the EPPL Equivalent Rating
  • Collection of data from GIS databases under license by EPPL
  • Collection of course data from your professional/agronomic staff
  • Collection of wind, weather and other regional data
  • Evaluation of two-sets of tees per facility (add 20% to the one-time fee for additional tees sets)
  • All holes and shot values rated for more than 60 factors
  • Final EPPL Rating (certificate of EPPL Rating for display and promotion)
Although rare, extra fees apply when available GIS data does not cover your facility. If extra fees are required you are notified in advance of any work.
To initiate an EPPL Equivalent Rating contact us.